Business Finance Solutions: Healthcare financing made easy.

At Finance Capital, we understand that it takes industry expertise, innovation and care to meet the needs of every business. We offer a variety of business finance solutions tailored to equipment manufacturers and their customers, with a special emphasis on home health care products, durable medical equipment (DME), and the managed care industry. From non-conventional loans to adaptable leasing options, our customers enjoy viable financial solutions, structured for small to mid-sized businesses, at below-market rates.

Industry Specializations: Lease Financing for Home Health Care Products

  • Home Patient Care Devices
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Hospitals & Critical Care Equipment
  • Nursing Home Supplies & Disposables

Benefits of Working With Finance Capital

  • Customized loan structures
  • Major manufacturer special financing programs
  • Rapid processing
  • Friendly service
  • Healthcare industry expertise
  • Equipment lease financing that matches reimbursement schedules
  • Diversified market knowledge

Manufacturer Programs

Our structured financial plans allow you to sell your customers the home health care products and durable medical equipment (DME) they need when they need it while keeping your books balanced and up to date. Instead of continually issuing your customers credit, Finance Capital can help you obtain a large pre-approval once or process transactions on an order-by-order basis to keep payments flowing in as equipment goes out.

Read more about how Finance Capital’s business finance solutions can help you build a successful lease financing program customized for your customers here.

Customer Programs
By providing a range of unique business finance solutions to accelerate revenue & manage expenses, we can finance most equipment types on a specialized structure, with a quick & painless approval process.

Learn more about our specialized financial solutions to help you finance your next durable medical equipment (DME) purchase here.

Lender Network

Since 2001, Finance Capital has financed over $1 billion in loans in the medical equipment industry. We work with a team of national lenders, respected vendors & a range of retailers, making us a leading provider of medical equipment financing and lease financing for durable medical equipment (DME) and home health care products. Our unique business model provides us with flexibility not offered by our competitors, and our solid partnerships and strong company leadership combine for a proven track record of getting things done.

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