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Finance Capital, leading provider of equipment leasing and loan programs, published a new White Paper, “Small Businesses and Personally Guaranteed Loans.” The white paper discysses personally guaranteed loans for small business owners, the requirements and the risks associated with these loans, and then offer some recommendations for business owners facing personally guaranteed loans.

As many entrepreneurs will tell you, owning your own business requires an individual to take personal risks and make difficult financial decisions, all in the name of growing and expanding the company. For many businesses, this expansion requires cash. However, it is often difficult for new ventures to get business credit without personally guaranteeing loans.

A personal guarantee allows a business owner to borrow money by putting his or her personal finances on the line, with their credit score and assets at risk. In the paragraphs below you will learn about the process, exceptions, and risks associated with this type of loan. This white paper will then conclude with recommendations for business owners facing personally guaranteed loans.


  1. What is a Personally Guaranteed Loan?
  2. Why Do Lenders Require Personal Guarantees?
  3. The Process of Personal Guarantees
  4. The Exceptions to Personal Guarantees
  5. The Risks of Personal Guarantees
  6. Recommendations for Business Owners Facing Personal Guarantees


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