Electronic Documents for Small Businesses and Lenders

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Finance Capital, leading provider of equipment leasing and loan programs, has published a new White Paper, “Electronic Documents for Small Businesses and Lenders.” The ten-page White Paper is designed to examine the growing use of electronic documents and signatures and their components, the state and federal laws surrounding e-documents, the advantages and disadvantages of electronic transactions, and best practices for electronic documentation.

For years businesses and lenders have dealt with challenges associated with the shipping and exchange of paper documents that often end up delaying transactions. Today, electronic documents and contracts are redefining the equipment leasing and financial services industry because they offer a much different scenario to users. Electronic documents allow businesses and their customers to access and finalize contracts and leasing agreements from any location, at any time of day. This allows for users to quickly approve, sign, and complete transactions in just a few clicks.

Find out about the benefits — and possible pitfalls — of utilizing electronic documents for your business

Because of their convenience, electronic documents and signatures are becoming common practice in the United States.  However, many businesses and lenders are still unsure about the laws surrounding electronic documents at both the state and the federal levels.

This white paper not only provides information about the legislation surrounding electronic documents, but also provides information about the advantages of electronic documents and disadvantages of electronic documents for businesses and lenders.

  1. The Basics of Electronic Documents
  2. What are benefits of Electronic Documents?
  3. What are the Disadvantages of Electronic Documents?
  4. The ESIGN Act- Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
  5. The UETA – Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
  6. The UCC – Uniform Commercial Code
  7. Best Practices for Electronic Documentation

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