Helping medical equipment companies identify the right loan structure for your customers.

Since 2001, Finance Capital has coordinated business finance solutions for more than $1 billion in loans for medical equipment companies – both manufacturers and their customers. With the highest approval ratings in the industry, we understand the importance of adhering to your business plan while helping achieve your goals – that means delivering the best healthcare business finance solutions to ensure you and your clients can offer better services to more people at the lowest possible cost.

Whether you’re an equipment manufacturer, dealer, or distributor, Finance Capital can help medical equipment companies generate and close more sales by offering leasing and business finance solutions to your customers.

Finance Capital Lease Structures

  • Specialized vendor programs for medical equipment companies, including 0% interest
  • 90 Days same as cash
  • Seasonal payments for business cycles
  • Pre-funding capital lease programs & pay-per-use rental programs
  • Graduated capital lease payments, including step up/step down programs
  • Options including $1 buyout, capital lease, fair market value, PUT, tax leases & operating lease agreements (FASB 13)
  • Loan agreements
  • Working capital loans
  • Consumer credit programs

Benefits of utilizing Finance Capital’s business finance solutions

  • Attentive service
  • Marketing materials to promote program
  • Sales finance training
  • Trade show support
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible structures
  • Improved cash flow