How the capital lease process works

Despite the term “lease”, most of our business finance solutions are fully amortized and end with the customer owning the equipment. We work with a team of national lenders to secure financing for equipment capital lease programs; we can even finance multiple purchases on one lease agreement. Most are financed on an Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA), though the terms and details may vary, depending on the type of equipment, amount of the transaction and the type of capital lease requested. The key benefit of utilizing Finance Capital’s flexible business finance solutions is our ability to work with a variety of credit classes and around exposure limits, allowing for more approvals because of our versatile lender network.

The process begins when a request for financing is submitted to one of our representatives (a request can be submitted by the customer or manufacturer, over the phone or via email). Our dedicated team will take it from there, crunching the numbers to find the best match, and then working it until the capital lease is funded. Most of the time, basic information, such as business name, owner, location, etc., is all we need to get an approval -usually within two to four hours.

After a transaction has been approved, Finance Capital continues to handle the process, working with all parties to keep the process flowing quickly and smoothly so that it’s funded ASAP.

While a capital lease request can be initiated by either the customer or manufacturer, Finance Capital specializes in creating vendor business finance solutions with special terms, interest rates or other offers that incentivize customers to take advantage of the program. Some of our most successful programs include:

  • 12 months/0% interest
  • 18 months/0% interest
  • 24 months/low interest

These programs have provided our partner manufacturers with a stable foundation upon which to grow their sales and expand business by accelerating revenue, cleaning up A/R & aging invoices and decreasing risk of loss. By offering an incentivized capital lease program, manufacturers can increase their value to their customers, while also improving receivables and boosting cash flow. Download our manufacturer proposal for more information, or contact us at 888.600.8383 or to begin setting up your own specialized program.

If you’re a company looking for business finance solutions on an equipment purchase, please take a look at our customer brochure, or contact us at 888.600.8383 or to apply for financing