Finance Capital is dedicated to finding business finance solutions to make running your business easier and more manageable.

Traditional payment terms for equipment financing can place a huge strain on cash flow (especially for small or new companies), particularly in the medical equipment industry where complicated reimbursement processes frequently delay payments. Finance Capital works with the manufacturer, the retailer and lender to provide fair market value business finance solutions in order to schedule payments across a specific term (usually six to 36 months) on a specialized agreement tailored to the customer’s needs.

As a leading provider of vendor/manufacturer finance programs, particularly within the medical industry, Finance Capital has experience with a wide array of equipment financing, including:

  • CPAP & BIPAP machines
  • ventilators
  • oxygen concentrators
  • software for clients.

Rapid growth in the industry, along with a passion for problem-solving and attention to minute detail, has allowed Finance Capital to prosper while maintaining its one-on-one approach to doing business. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and lenders to provide business finance solutions to their customers, including programs such as 12 months/0% interest and 90 days same as cash. Through our team of lenders, we are able to obtain fair market value equipment financing in over 90% of our transactions – and most are approved within two to four hours.

Our Values: We place a strong emphasis to provide fair market value capital financing with dedicated service.


We understand that the world is constantly changing, and with it, the way business is done. We work to meet the needs of businesses today while continually striving to create new business finance solutions to meet the needs of businesses tomorrow.


Finance Capital believes in building strong, dependable relationships with the people we work with, and in working together to achieve their partner company’s financial goals.


We view the trust our partners have placed in us as invaluable, and know that without it, those relationships would be meaningless. We work hard to ensure we always fulfill our promises on time, while providing fair market value, maintaining strict confidentiality and protecting our clients’ information and privacy.


We place a strong focus on providing fair market value combined with the best possible service in every single transaction – not only to the customer, but to every party involved, from the retailer to the manufacturer and the lender. From the moment it comes in, every equipment financing request is a priority for our team.